Quotes from our clients:

 -Great birthday and holiday gifts

-Itʼs nice to be unrestricted while changing in the parking lot. 

-It keeps you warm while changing, these are cool! Canʼt change without it. 

-Itʼs like a club of Snuggies out here on the beach.

-We canʼt get it off him, he even wears it to bed. 

-Keeps you warm between Competitive Heats.

-Perfect Travel Sports Companion.  

-Must Have!

-Change in private in Locker Rooms.

-“G” rated way to change clothes in public.

-Everyone needs one of these!

-Great for changing while at Outdoor Campgrounds.

-Finally warm in the winter.

-Poolside clothes changes are quick and private.

-Times of holding up the towel for my kids to change are over.

-Guys can wear aloha flowers too.

-I use it like a sleeping bag to take a nap on the beach.

-View our review on Manhattan Beach Patch