About Us

     We made our first Unxposed changing towel ponchos for our children when they started surfing. They were at the age that they needed privacy at the beach when changing in and out of their wet suits. Slipping a tight wet suit on and off under a towel wrapped around their waist requires skill that takes time to master and three hands - one to hold the towel and two to pull on the wetsuit. We sewed two towels together, put a hood on it and our troubles went away.

       Since then, all of our friends at the beach saw them and needed one. The demand was so great that we realized everyone needs one.

       Great for changing in and out of wetsuits as well as travel team uniform changes - no need to find a bathroom or duck down in your car or school bus.  During water polo and swim competitions - slip it on to keep warm between heats. When snorkeling or scuba diving on a cold windy day, it takes the chill off when getting out of the water. No more wet, sandy bathing suits, simply slip on the towel, take your suits off and wipe the sand away. Everyone will enjoy running around with only their Unxposed towel on. When it's time to go home, load up the car with everyone wearing their towel and no more wet, sandy, seats.


Our medium weight terry velour allows the towel to air-dry easily, and it is light enough to wear around even when wet after changing from water sports.

Handcrafted in the USA